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Friday 8 March 2013

New lows on the expo floor at RSA

The RSA Conference in San Francisco was last week, and it was as always- a mix of good, bad, and ugly. The "booth babe" situation was pretty ugly this year, and I wasn't the only one who took offense- Winn Schwartau had some scathing comments about the state of the expo.

From "catwoman" to the "Catholic schoolgirl" theme, it was pretty bad. On the upside, I did get to debut a prototype of a new Misogyny Networks shirt:


Stay tuned, plans for this summer in Las Vegas are forming now.

Miss Ogyny

Thursday 2 August 2012

The (in)glorious debut of the Girls of Misogyny Networks

Fail Panel

The first appearance of the Girls of Misogyny Networks happened last week at DEFCON XX, during the Fail Panel V (aka DEFCON Comedy Jam). With the support and encouragement of the panel Martin McKeay, Boris Sverdlik, and I provided food and beverage support to the panelists: David Mortman, Chris Hoff, Rich Mogull, James Arlen, David Maynor, Rob Graham, and Larry Pesce. Most were wearing the lovely pink Misogyny shirts (although we ran out before we could clothe the whole crew), and Boris earned special (dis)honarable mention for wearing the stunning (and I do mean stunning- people who saw it were stunned) MN Mankini. There was a bit of confusion as the pink shirts on pale people in a dim room led many to believe we were topless- I assure you we were not.


Thanks to the panelists for their support and encouragement. By the way, as happens each year hundreds of dollars were raised for charities during the panel.

When will the girls appear next? We don't know yet, but we will be seen again.


Miss Ogyny

(aka Jack Daniel, in case you hadn't figured that out)

Saturday 23 June 2012

Blog posts on the Booth Babe phenomenon and related issues.

Hopefully by now you've figured out that this site, and related events, are satire.

Here are a few blog posts which I think are relevant to the issues we're trying to address.

Bill Brenner's "Booth babe debate is back, in time for summer cons!" on the CSO Salted Hash blog

Corum's "Thoughts on Booth Babes"

Michelle K's "Booth Babe Challenge: Show Me the Money!"

Jack Daniel's (he's so dreamy) "Meandering Rant on Sexism"

Amber Baldet's "Ragequitting SummerCon" is related to this discussion.


Miss Ogyny

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Upcoming Events: Las Vegas

Where else would you expect the "Girls" of Misogyny Networks to make their public debut? Vegas baby!

Details to follow, but all will be revealed at Security BSides Las Vegas 2012 and DEFCON.

Miss Ogyny

Monday 18 June 2012

Welcome to Misogyny Networks' Misogynistic Missives Blog!

It is time for us to come out of stealth mode and expose our new venture, Misogyny Networks. We have developed this project under the covers of secrecy, but we're almost ready to bare all.

Forgive the lack of details in our initial posts, but I assure you we will soon reveal more than you'll ever want to see.

Stay tuned for more information and upcoming events.


Miss Ogyny